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Located in the Xinyi District of Taipei Taiwan, Jasper is the top service apartment, offering premium service and superior quality living for your demand. To meet the contemporary style, our facility is designed by Kenzo Tange, a reputed Japanese architect. By living in our apartment, guests can enjoy the tranquility of our elegantly furnished service apartment in Taipei Taiwan. Besides, with the ideal public transportation, you can access both commercial district and shopping district easily by walk. 

Targeting on different customers, ten room types are offered in various styles and sizes. Our service apartment in Taipei combines a truly home-like atmosphere for your long or short stay. The 193 units of rooms are stylishly designed for you to enjoy all the modern comforts. No matter which room you stay, large windows for natural lighting and amazing view are all available. In addition, our apartment supplies fitness clubs for your health, including heated swimming pool, aerobics room, gym and more. 

As a luxury service apartment in Taipei, Jasper offers top apartment and accommodation service for your enjoyment. Our well trained staff with excellent service also wins the trust from wide customers. To be a leading apartment hotel in Taiwan, we continually improve ourselves based on the feedback of customers. If you are looking for a service apartment, Xinyi Jasper is your primary choice.

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Jasper Villa is a leading service apartment and five-star accommodation in Taipei, offering travelers serviced residences or vacation rentals in Taiwan. Every guest at Jasper serviced apartment enjoys our perfect location, allowing entering Taipei main station with MRT or bus in few stops. Consisting of 193 furnished hotel suites, we offer residents studios, 1 bedroom apartments equipped with free Wi-Fi, 24-hour security system, room services and more.

As a prestigious serviced apartment in Taipei, creating a fully relaxed environment is our major mission. Every unit comes with kitchen, private bathroom with shower, cable TV and more featured amenities for our clients whether they visit Taipei for business or vacation. Furthermore, we have well-trained security systems and precision surveillance systems with the goal of five-star hotel management. All of our entrance and elevators are well control by entrance cards.

Jasper Villa Xinyi offers the best solution for service apartment in Taipei to suit all your demands for your daily casual. We are considerably faith in introducing foreign guests to our five-star hotel services and top residential living spaces whilst they plan to travel in Taiwan. Take our luxury accommodation into your consideration; we will endeavor to serve you the best. We are welcomed for reservation in any time.

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Jasper Villa Xinyi is the luxury service apartment in Taipei. We offer two buildings with different styles and ten room types for your preference. The A building is not fully furnished but with large space and 2-3 bedrooms that enable you to decorate your own place. On the other hand, although the space of our B is smaller than the former, it is offered fully furnished rooms for your stay with all facilities across Taipei.

We create a place to suit both pleasure and business. In the competitive market of service apartments in Taipei, we promise that we are the ideal choice for you with premier customer service. Jasper Villa Xinyi is thoughtfully composed with elegant and luxury, and perfectly furnished with fittings that meet any domestic or business demands. 

With the successful experience of Jasper Villa Tianmu, we offer the pleasure service apartment to make our customers to enjoy a home-away-from-home experience. Every unit at Jasper Villa Xinyi guarantees to offer you an urban luxury within a natural habitat. We believe the service and facilities we offered can satisfy your need definitely.

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Jasper Villa Xinyi offers luxurious Taiwan service apartments with comprehensive personalized services and facilities. Located in the Xinyi district, the financial district of Taipei with various shopping malls and entertainment venues surrounded, it offers perfect solution for you to make your business travel or short term rental. We can even say that we are the top service apartment in Taiwan, with the city that is filled with many attractions to see and do. Jasper luxury accommodation will fulfill all you need in premium service and promised living quality.

To those who are looking for fully furnished service apartments in Taiwan, our B building is your ideal choice with charming and elegant style decorated. The elegant living room is bright and spacious, with large glasses windows, and contemporary furniture. Besides, the regular housekeeping ensures you a truly memorable and enjoyable stay. We guarantee that the service we offered is based on five star hotel standard. Choose Jasper as your first selection of Taiwan serviced apartment.

As a luxury service apartment in Taiwan, Japser Villa Xinyi offers easy access to a series of international bouquet in Xinyi Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, making it an ideal option for shopping and amusement and a variety of restaurants for your preference. Whether you are staying for business, leisure, or both, we will meet your needs and always exceed your expectations with top service and facilities.

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Jasper boutique hotel is a design hotel near the Xinyi commercial district in Taipei city, combining modern twin tower building design and business requirements for worldwide customers. Our ideal location is the connection to amazing Taipei, a place filled with Taiwanese arts and culture. By joining interactive cultural activities, guests from the globe can truly experience the fabulous Taipei of versatile mixed culture. We are not merely a boutique hotel with five-star services and luxury facilities, but also a relaxed home for you in Taiwan.

Choosing luxury boutique hotel at Jasper to have your vacation or business trip fulfillment and satisfied with convenient living conditions in Taipei including consumer goods, transportation, housing, leisure and more. Integrated with shopping and entertainment, you can enjoy shopping and dining in Att4Fun, Taipei 101 Shopping Center and more. For weekend activities in Elephant Mountain and Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, you can spend your leisure time; for your night life, just select a styled bar or nigh club which will not disappoint you.

Well-managed by professional team, Jasper Villa Xinyi has rich experiences in advancing the service quality for our customers. Starting from customers’ perspective, we are aim to suit all of your needs. Are you searching for a business residence or an accommodation for your family vacation in Taiwan? Jasper Taipei boutique hotel is right here for you.


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<![CDATA[Taipei Boutique Hotel Taipei Apartment Rentals ()(2014/Nov/3 15:30:37)]]> http://http://apt.tradecoop.com/taipei-apt-rental.html?CID=2_2 Jasper Taipei apartment is a boutique luxury rental developed by Shin Kong Life. Located near Taipei 101 and Taipei World Trade Center, it is easy for any business need. With our central location, you are just minutes from gourmet restaurants, shopping and recreation. Furthermore, in order to solve the problem of drop off or pick up your children from school while living in Jasper Taipei apartment, the school bus for Taipei European School, Taipei American School and Taipei Japanese School are available for foreign customers.

Combined with all the preconditions of being a luxury apartment in Taipei, Jasper Villa Xinyi offers precision security system for your short term or long term rental in our apartment. We believe that your security is more than everything; therefore, a complete security system for the public area includes 24 hour surveillance monitoring systems and card control access systems for entrance and elevators. In addition, each master bedroom is equipped with interphones, smoke detector and other equipment for any accident.

As a professional serviced apartment, Jasper Villa Xinyi has been devoted into the operation of Taipei apartment rentals with continuing innovation, service, integrity and re-contribution. With the service of well-trained staff, you can enjoy living spaces that are highly adaptable to allow for a custom experience that you can only find at Jasper Villa Xinyi. Our exceptional apartment community offers desirable amenities for your vocation or business in Taipei. 

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Japser Villa Xinyi is delighted to offer you luxury service apartments in Taipei. There are 139 units in two buildings with different designs, one is fully furnished for your convenience and the other is not furnished for you to decorate your place depending on your unique habits and tastes. All suites at our service apartment provide luxury accommodation with the convenience and pleasure of a small boutique residence in Taipei’s most lively district in Taipei.

Once you enter our service apartment, you will discover the naturally lit living area with bright natural lighting and fantastic view from the large windows. Except the high living quality, incredible fitness club with different facilities including heated swimming pool, fully equipped fitness room, sauna and more make you feel like in vocation everyday. Furthermore, our Jasper SPA offers ladies a range of services for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Our luxury hotel in Taipei offers a wide range of services and amenities for our guests. When you choose our serviced apartments for business or leisure travel, you will enjoy amenities that include 5 star hotel buffet for breakfast, four different style restaurants for meal, and ideal transportation condition for convenient travel around the city. For more information about our apartment, you are welcomed to contact us directly.

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<![CDATA[Taipei Boutique Hotel Jasper villa ()(2015/Aug/25 17:25:48)]]> http://http://apt.tradecoop.com/Jasper-villa.html?CID=2_2 Jasper Villa is a high end serviced apartment located in the center of Taipei City offering accommodation for both short term and extended stay, as well as apartment rental for frequent business traveler seeking for a hotel alternative. Jasper Villa is conveniently located in Xinyi District, an area that is heavily business oriented but also contains plenty of entertainment venues. Whether you come to Taipei for leisure vacation or business trip, our hotel apartment will suit all your needs.

Jasper Villa is renowned for its five star hotel level of services and the spacious apartments that are available for rental. Our twin tower buildings have both furnished and unfurnished apartments of various sizes for you to choose. Our furnished units consist of furniture, in house internet and cable, and floor length windows for optimal lighting. The unfurnished units are perfect for occupants for extended stay so you may decorate the interior to your own liking.

All of our residents will have access to our amazing amenities in the building such as swimming pools, beauty spa, fitness center, aerobic center and the beautiful garden in the back. Just steps away from Taipei’s number one landmark Taipei 101; Jasper Villa is surrounded by numerous amazing gourmet restaurants and entertainment venues. MRT Xianshang station is just down the road from the villa, where you can reach any destination in Taipei that you wish to go in less 30 minutes of MRT ride.

Visit our website at www.apt.tradecoop.com for more information, send in your inquiry and we will be in contact with you right away!

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<![CDATA[Taipei City Accommodation Taipei Short Term Rental ()(2016/Dec/21 17:47:29)]]> http://http://apt.tradecoop.com/taipei-rental.html?CID=3_3 Welcome to Jasper Villa Xinyi! We can provide all your needs in short term rentals in Taipei. With five-star services and cozy accommodation, you will find a home-like service apartment to stay for a long term or a short term rental while you traveling in Taipei, a modern city of Taiwan. We offer ideally residential experiences with convenient location near MRT station, multiple room types of furnished studio or unfurnished suite for you to choose from.

Whether a business traveler or a visitor on vacation in Taipei town, Jasper Villa provides not only short term rental but also extended accommodation completed with daily, weekly, and monthly as you to choose. Surrounded by various tourist attractions and stunning natural sceneries, experience a new culture of bustling downtown or nearby locations that you can utilize our convenient transportation to get to anywhere in Taipei.

If you are looking for fun for your trip in Taipei city, Jasper is the answer. Well developed by Shin Kong Life, we believe we are the one of the leading company in Taiwan for your business trip, relocations, and temporary or long term accommodation. To learn more about Jasper luxury serviced apartment, contact us right away. We cannot wait to hear from you.


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<![CDATA[Taipei City Accommodation Taipei Short Term Accommodation ()(2014/Nov/24 14:09:25)]]> http://http://apt.tradecoop.com/taipei-apartment.html?CID=3_3 If you're looking for accommodation by the Taipei 101 for short term stay, Japser Villa Xinyi is the best choice for you. With the assistance of professional staff, 24 hours service including business service, flight ticket booking, internet access, dry cleaning and more are available for you when you need help. Our apartment is equipped with fitness center, spa and restaurants, which create a stress free environment for your short term renal in Taipei.

With the design of twin tower building, the unit in A building is not furnished, which enable you to decorate your own place with the unique style. On the other hand, the unit in B building is fully furnished, particular ideal for Taipei short term rental. Our accommodation is stylish, clean and comfortable for your business trip and vocation rental. The 193 luxury units offers a home away from home complete with fully, laundry, separate bath and shower, 24 hour security system and more for short term and long term stays.

Located in the Xinyi district, Taipei's newest trend-setting commercial district, you can reach Taipei World Trade Center, boutique shopping malls and restaurants easily by walk. Also there is a well known city forest- Sishou Hills for hiking and recreation. With convenience public transportation, you can visit other famous places in Taipei as well. We believe combined with all the condition of clothes, food, transport and use, we are the professional Taipei short term accommodation for you.

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Being a luxury Taipei serviced apartment, Jasper Villa Xinyi offers you the independence and catering flexibility of your accommodation together with the comfort and service of a five star hotel. Whether you are planning a vacation or a long term stay in Taiwan, we provide you with alternative space, pleasure and flexibility for the perfect base. With a stay at Jasper Villa Xinyi serviced apartments, you'll be minutes from Xinyi Shopping Centre, Taipei 101 and close to Taipei World Trade Center.

In order to ensure you enjoy the stay in our apartment, we offer fitness club equipped with heated swimming pool, gym with a variety of equipment, aerobics room with programs and more for recreation. Our heated swimming pool is located on the second floor with French windows. You can enjoy the bustling and charming streetscape of Taipei in Jasper serviced apartments while swimming. In addition, our Jasper spa is specifically designed for ladies with professional treatment and ten different types of spa for body stress release.

Located in Taipei, the capital and the most fabulous city of Taiwan, Jasper Villa offers you a ready made home rather than a ready made room. When you intend to go to other places, the MRT Xiangshan Station is just a stroll away from our serviced apartments. If you are looking for fine food, the famous award winning restaurants - Joyce East and N.Y. Bagels Café and Wu Pao Chun Bakery are ready to serve you in our accommodation. Also, you can release your pressure and relax yourself in Chin Herr Thai Spa Villa. Are you looking for a short term rental in Taipei? Please feel free to contact us!





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<![CDATA[Taipei City Accommodation Jasper hotels ()(2015/Aug/25 17:32:42)]]> http://http://apt.tradecoop.com/Jasper-hotels.html?CID=3_3 Jasper Hotel is a high class service apartment located in the Xinyi District of Taipei. We are equipped with five star hotel services and amazing amenities for all of our guests. Surrounding our hotel are the several famous scenic spots in Taiwan. Staying in Jasper hotels, you can experience the living of fast paced and classy life style of Taipei city, the most thriving area in Taiwan.

Jasper hotels offer extremely convenient living with all type of transportations that brig you to wherever you would like to go in an hour or less. We equipped with great guests’ services such as 24 hour security and concierge, parking for guests and visitors, keycard security system, housekeeping and more. The hotel’s amazing amenities are also available for all of our residents such as swimming pool, fitness center, aerobic center, beauty spa and party room.

Whether you are travelling on your own or with companions, Jasper hotels have units with 1 to 3 bedrooms to accommodate you. All of our suites come with beddings, furniture, LCD TV, wireless internet, full size bathroom and a kitchenette. We aim to provide you with a home away from home experience. Visit our website for more info and send in your inquiry today, we will help you arrange your travelling accommodation right away.

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