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Restaurants & Service

Restaurants & Service

Tantalizing Tastes to Excite Your Senses

Joyce East Creative Cuisines

From Hong Kong to Taipei, the Joyce Café has always been spotlight of dining trends. Opening in Japser Villa Xinyi, Joyce Café aims to maintain its unique style while introducing creative cuisines, once again establishing itself as an innovative trendsetter.

Wu Pao Chun Bakery

In the mid year of 2018, the internationally renowned baker Wu Pao Chun decided to move his bakery into Xinyi Jasper villa. Awarded as the first prize in Asia region of Coupe Louise Leasaffre bread-baking competition and the champion of Taiwan Litchi Rose Bread, Wu keeps his passion and insistence on making tasty and healthy bread. Wu chooses local ingredients in Taiwan to make unique taiwanese flavor, not only for serving customers but also promoting the images of his own country, Taiwan. Take a step in Xinyi district and rest yourself in Wu Pao Chun bakery to feel the dedication and savour the taste of its bread.


 NY Bagels Cafe

Since its founding in 1998, NY bagels has been dedicated to promoting the concept of healthy eating by distributing H&H Bagels, the most successful bagel brand in U.S. From the very beginning, NY Bagels' taste, texture and preparation have garnered the liking of Europeans and Americans; for the foreign travelers in Taiwan, NY Bagels is the most authentic of its kind on the Taiwan market. Moreover, the local consumers have been rapidly becoming fond of this American style bagel breakfast available at NY Bagels.

Chin Herr Thai Spa Villa

This erotic Thai spa s located on first floor and houses professional treatments as well as spacious aqua-therapy areas. Feel relief and come take a break in your stressful life!


Five Star Hotel Management & Exquisite Service

Manages by Formosa International Hotels, Corporation, Japser Villa Xinyi aims to provide trained professional care around-the-clock; services include a business center, air travel reservation, daycare, cable TV, Internet, medical appointment scheduling, grocery shopping, dry-cleaning, limousine transportation arrangement and other daily needs.

24-Hour Shin Kong Security

When planning the security system, Japser Villa Xinyi had its resident’s safety as its primary concern; therefore, the most advanced security system has been installed to keep out trespassers and monitor all incoming and outgoing traffic. All residents will enter the premises from the Songqin Rd. entrance. Moreover, all access is controlled and the exclusive resident elevators can only be activated by key cards. Each master bedroom is equipped with an emergency button, intercom and smoke detector so residents rest soundly. In addition, parking is separated into visitor parking (B2) and tenant parking (B3, B4) to ensure personal and vehicle safety. 

Ample Parking

A total of 250 parking spaces are available from B2 to B4.
B2: Visitors Parking 
B3 & B4: Tenant-Only Parking

Contact Detail
Address:No. 126-128, Xin Yi Road, Section 5, Taipei 110, Taiwan